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First, Googled By Google will provide you with a complimentary analysis of your existing SEO. Then we will craft a social media proposal for you and your business. The intent of the proposal is to deliver a complete social media and integrated marketing solution designed to improve net revenue results as well as customer loyalty and engagement.

Based on our compilmentary SEO analysis of your existing website’s SEO, we might find that your website is not getting the results you’ve hoped for with your current social media campaign(s). Googled By Google will develop an SEO action plan that will position your business as an industry leader with a well-refined, defined message and unique voice. We never work off the cuff: we work to achieve your very specific goals. As such, each step will be focused 100% on achieving these goals.

Googled By Google works with hard data, and as such, we monitor the impact of our work using tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and our own propriety SEO analysis software.
Each campaign is accompanied by a series of in-depth reports that detail goals achieved so far, and the steps taken to get there. Based on the data generated we then adapt and adjust strategies in order to achieve even better results in the following rounds of your SEO campaign.


Immediate & Long Term Goals:

• Increase Facebook Page Likes & create targeted audience within the physical area of your business. That is: Geo-Locate your audience.

• There are significant opportunities to optimize existing marketing and branding efforts to leverage the social components to attract additional prospects, customers and revenue. The proper and effective use of Social Media is to build community, conversation and relationships with your audience. Review Facebook Audience Insights to understand current audience and target new. Increase overall Post Reach and Post Engagement on Facebook.

• Create Facebook Ads. Reach thousands of people that meet incredibly specific targeting criteria. With the sophisticated targeting options available, you can make sure your ads are seen by your specific target audience. Remember “Call-To-Action”. A beautiful and relevant ad is great, but without a Call-To-Action (CTA), your viewer might not know what to do next. “Buy Now and Save” or “Offer Ends Soon”, add a sense of urgency to your viewer. Your CTA should encourage people to click on your ad now.

• Visual Content is treated more favorably in the Facebook algorithm. (The News Feed Ad). What’s more, visual content is more engaging in the ever-changing News Feed, and therefore is more likely to catch the eye of your potential customer. Make Ads/posts more visually appealing with great images, the use of an animated GIF and or video.

• Share all Facebook posts on Google+ to improve Google ranking.

• Print Ad graphics design & implementation (ie: Newspapers, Brochures & other local print media)

• Use and maintain “Free” internet social websites such as local free listing websites and the like.

• Create a MailChimp email campaign to advertise and promote your website’s business through quality newsletters.

• Most readers want one of three things when they sign up for an e-newsletter: Special Offers, Exclusive Information, or to Stay in Touch with You. Connect your newsletter to your blog and social media.

• Create Landing Pages and or Multiple Web Sites. You`re going to spend money on Facebook Ads, very rarely should you connect an Ad directly to your website or product page. Simply sending viewers to a basic website or product/service without any clear direction is a waste of money.

• Create/research and manage Reciprocal Links. Reciprocal Links are valuable when done right. Reciprocal linking is smart for business, especially when it’s used as an online business strategy to gain visibility in front of new audiences. The key is to find a strategic partner who shares the same ideal clients or target market that you do; that offer a different or complimentary service, product, or program. Then by linking to each other, you’re sharing each others’ resources, content, and offerings with a pre-qualified audience that is already a great fit.

• Increase overall traffic to webpage by 20% in 3 months.

• Increase conversions and accelerate client awareness about your business.

• Maintain Brand Consistency throughout all campaigns.


googled by google facebook

Facebook Page Management:

• Facebook marketing strategy (increase brand awareness of website according to the goals you expect.
• 8x per month posts, preparation and publication (quantity will depend on brand needs, current events and results)
• 1x targeted Facebook Ad per month. (Note: additional charge for Video, photography or Animated GIF)
• Creation/selection of graphics for Facebook posts and Facebook Ads


Googled By Google twitter

Twitter Management:

Googled By Google will optimize your Twitter profile to provide you and your business with long-term search-ability. Keeping your username and handle consistent across all of your social channels with your brand name and website maximizes your find-ability and should never be underestimated.
The power of Twitter as a marketing tool has been realized by many small business owners, who are using it to help their businesses grow.

Our Twitter SEO plan is startegized by:
• Connect to and exposing your business to customers
• Build relationships with your customers
• Create & maintain your Brand awareness
• Provide information about your business

• 4x Tweets per week


Googled By Google pinterest

We will incorporate SEO into your Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is one of the top search engines out there, right along with Google. However, Pinterest is used much differently than Google. Pinterest uses its own ranking factors and algorithms to determine which pages rank higher in their searches.

People search Pinterest for discovery, aspiration, and transformation. People look at Pins and they want more information about you and your business. (This differs from Google, where folks are looking for answers to specific questions.) You want to draw people to your content for discovery, but then give them action steps to take.

Begin by brainstorming things that you will be addressing in your content; answer questions, teach a skill, provide a recipe, etc. Address the issues that people are searching for.

Ask yourself the following three questions:

Why is someone looking for this content? (Discovery)
What are they looking to get out of it? (Aspiration)
How can I help them do that? (Transformation)

• 4x Pinterest Pins per week



The importance of Instagram for your business:

Many leading brands are currently resorting to Instagram with a higher degree of sharing, likes and comments. This social media platform allows business’s such as yours to share success stories and experiences through visual contents which are more appealing than plain text. High-quality videos and photographs are easily posted to promote the business and win more viewers and traffic. Visual contents are helpful in building the right hype for the business with a special showcasing of behind the scenes for a greater transparency in the business.

• 4 x Instagram Picture Posts per week


linked in

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for individuals and companies looking to make new connections, generate leads, and build their brand. While it’s an important platform for all businesses, LinkedIn can be a true game changer for B2B (business to business) companies.

LinkedIn is the third most used social platform among business owners.

Statistics suggest LinkedIn may be most effective platform for product launches.

Some research suggests LinkedIn may be the most effective platform for lead generation.

Googled By Google will post 4 updates per week to your LinkedIn account.

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